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Implant Testimonial

Initially, going back ten years, I lost three teeth on the upper right-hand side of my mouth due to infection. This was visible in my smile and I was self-conscious of that. I also had another tooth on the lower left-hand side of my mouth which had been missing for some time. This affected me functionally when I was eating. Two to three years later I decided to replace my missing teeth. At this time, my dentist placed two dental implants on the upper right-hand side of my mouth, and later, another dental implant on the lower left. I was therefore used to the process of having implants placed in my mouth.

Once my dentist retired, I had a number of disappointing experiences at another dental practice. I have always been keen to look after my teeth and wanted to find a practice that could provide my routine dental care. As a hairdresser I speak to clients on a daily basis. I asked some of my local clients if they could recommend a dentist, and they recommended Allesley Park Dental Practice.

My teeth had felt stable until this time and I had no major problems. However, I had a space on the upper left-hand side of my mouth with a crowned tooth in front of it. I had always planned to fill the space with an implant but was waiting until the crown in front reached the end of its days, with a view to having an implant supported bridge in this area.

Once I’d visited Alex for the first time, I felt filled with confidence that he could provide my implant treatment. Following our discussion, Alex sent me for a scan to assess the bone levels in the area. After reviewing the scan, Alex and I decided that a bridge would not be suitable due to a lack of bone. However, with some careful planning, we decided to place one implant here which Alex has designed in a way that managed to fill as much of this space as possible. I then had a series of appointments which culminated in me attending for my implant surgery.

On the day of my surgery, I felt very excited to be starting my treatment and was immediately put at ease by Alex and his team. The team were all dressed up in their blue scrubs – I knew I was in safe hands when I saw the Super Vet scenario! I cannot fault the team. They were all very friendly and always greet me by name when I come in. On the day of my surgery I felt looked after and at ease. I feel relaxed whilst I’m being treated by Alex.

Following the treatment, I was given instructions to follow and was able to eat almost straight away. We allowed time for healing and have since placed the crown on top of the implant. I felt like a child at Christmas getting my new tooth! Alex regularly monitors my oral health and I see the Hygienist on a regular basis.

Since having my implant placed I have forgotten it is there. It feels completely natural to me. I feel this is due to Alex who spent a lot of time refining the implant and checking my bite. In the past, my implants have taken time to get used to. However, with advances in dental technology and they care that Alex has taken, the implant felt like part of my mouth as soon as it was placed.
My advice to other patients with missing teeth – Get implants!

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