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After having my children my teeth all seemed to be lose and wobbly and my gums were swollen and bled when I brushed my teeth.
I hadn’t been to the dentist in years and years, as was so scared of them. My anxiety went through the roof even just thinking about the dentist. I had been to a previous practice and actually run out in tears.

I was conscious about my teeth and stopped smiling. I always closed my mouth for photos. I thought about my teeth constantly first thing in morning, at night and even dreamt about teeth. I thought I would be better off with false teeth.

I was approaching my 40th and didn’t want to have no teeth, as I knew at some point that is what would happen if I didn’t see someone. I thought it was now or never to get over my fear. Face it head on. I told myself that if I could give birth surely I could go to the dentist.

On the first occasion I emailed dentists in my local area, as even the thought of speaking to someone about it was too scary. I had a few replies. I needed the dentist to understand the fear I have and not be judged on not going for years.

It was Pippa from AP Dental Practice that called me and spoke to me at length, reassuring me and making me not feel like a was being stupid or wasting their time. The support from her made me feel that this was the surgery for me.

After seeing Alex and having X-rays, I was informed I had bad gum disease. Over a year I had deep cleans done section by section, with a lot of work doing it at home too.
I am so pleased and happy with my teeth now. They are straight (ish), the gaps have got a lot smaller, and I’m happy to smile when my photo is taken. It’s given me so much more confidence. I am treating myself to have my teeth whitened so they look even better.

I would advise anyone who has a huge fear of dentists, don’t put it off. Allesley Park Dental Practice have all been amazing and have made sure I’ve been comfortable and reassured me when I’ve found things difficult. Thank you so much.

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